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    Kunshan Kenda-OMT Fuel Injection System Co Ltd. was established in 2017 and is located in Kunshan Economic Development Zone of Jiangsu province. It is a specialized enterprise which is a joint venture between OMT company of Italy and Kunshan Ken Da Machinery Co., Ltd. to provide high pressure fuel injection system for large marine diesel engines.
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    The first class manufacturing quality and reliable double wall tube design has been approved by MAN Diesel & Turbo. Follow up R & D and manufacture will cover the middle and low speed diesel engine high pressure tubing and fuel injection system of various major mainframe patents.
    Kunshan Kenda Auman Fuel Injection System Co Ltd

    We focus on the development of fuel injection systems

    Founded in 2017, Kunshan Kenda-omt Fuel Injection System Co., Ltd. is located in the economic development zone of Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province with convenient transportation. It is a joint venture of OMT Co., Ltd. and Kunshan Kanda Machinery Co., Ltd. to provide high-pressure fuel injection for large-scale marine diesel engines. System of specialized companies.

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    390 high pressure fuel pipe
    390 high pressure fuel pipe
    Aluminum bending
    Aluminum bending
    Aluminum bent pipe
    Aluminum bent pipe


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